Prana Flow classes with Allison have been so rejuvenating and healing for me. Her classes have been helping me feel stronger after years of very little exercise and difficult, mental health challenges. She seems to know exactly what my body and spirit needs for each class!
— Emmanuel Lopez, Motivational Speaker


Allison has allowed me to rediscover and truly enjoy yoga. Her grounded and calm personality, along with her beautiful voice has me looking forward to attending classes. I always know I will leave feeling very serene. Namaste, Allison.
— Diane Leber
I have had several Yoga Nidra classes with Allison and it’s like being guided by an angel to get in touch with your body, mind and soul. Allison’s voice and energy bring you to an incredibly relaxed but alert state where the body is at its best to heal.
— Sandra Luz
Allison makes me feel comfortable and at ease when she leads the class through a yoga routine. Her smile, positive energy and calming voice are complemented by her confidence and knowledge. She explains the steps skillfully, always providing helpful alternatives when you require. She is a truly gifted teacher.
— Francisco Kibedi
At MLSE we deeply care about the mental health and well-being of our employees and are passionate about delivering initiatives that foster a vibrant and healthy workplace. Allison’s Quieting the Mind session was expertly led and highly valued by our employees. Thanks Allison – it was a wonderful experience for all. Namaste.
— Mike Bianchi, Human Resources Leadership
I’ve been taking Prana Flow classes with Allison for several months. Allison is a very warm and wonderful person. She usually starts class by checking in on how everyone is feeling that morning, adapting the practice accordingly. Practicing Flow yoga has helped me to relieve the stress of a demanding job and focus on how I feel.
— Alena
I always look forward to Allison’s weekly Prana Flow classes. She creates a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and she’s very supportive and knowledgeable. By the end of her class I feel balanced and refreshed. Allison is a natural teacher who clearly enjoys connecting with people and connecting people with themselves.
— Larry Kline