Heal & Love Weekend Retreat in Caledon, Ontario

Allison Rietta and Tracy Sheridan and have been doing Yoga + Facial pop up events for the past two years. The events have been a huge success! Allison and Tracy felt the powerful impact of what these events did for each guest and they wanted to extend it into a deeper experience outside of the urban environment. A space to fully recharge energy and reconnect with nature.  And so, the Heal & Love Retreat was born!

The Heal & Love Retreat will be a balanced weekend of yoga asana practices, yoga nidra, meditation, walking/hiking in nature, swimming and enjoying beautifully prepared vegetarian meals. Each guest will receive one customized LoveNourish facial by Tracy Sheridan. In addition, two workshops will be offered: a Pranayama workshop on Saturday afternoon and a Myofascial Ball-Rolling workshop on Sunday morning. These workshops are optional. Allison and Tracy want you to feel that this weekend is your time to nourish and connect in any way you like.  

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