The True Beauty of Yoga Nidra


The room is quiet. Your body is still. Calmness glides over you. Soon, you feel your body drop, trusting the earth beneath you to support you fully. Inhale deeply… and exhale completely… your breath has slowed down, matching the steadiness of your body.

 You are now ready for Yoga Nidra.

 Yoga Nidra is a deep form of relaxation and self-discovery. A form of guided meditation. Lying down, completely still with a steady and calm breath, the only thing required of you is to stay awake and listen to my voice. You are guided to the threshold between waking and sleep. Some say that one hour of Yoga Nidra equals four hours of deep sleep.

 Sound good?

 Yoga Nidra is an experiential practice which compels us to let go of our intellectual knowledge and replace it with experiential understanding. During the practice, we learn to disconnect ourselves from distracting sensory stimulation and behaviours. We learn to become open to hearing sounds, but we are not bothered or distracted by them. We learn to become open to difficult emotions, thoughts and feelings. When we are open, and stop resisting, we learn to become more prepared for life’s stressful situations.

 We begin in layers. The body layer is the first layer we consciously work on calming and steadying through rotation of consciousness. Bringing awareness  to each body part and consciously relaxing body part by body part. This allows us to be ready for the next layer. The breath. Again, we bring consciousness to the breath in a number of ways. Once body and breath are steady, we can move into more of the subtler layers through a number of different visualisation techniques.

During the practice we are gently reminded to stay awake. This is very important. Even if we drop into a brief sleep state, on some level our conscience is still aware and can hear the instruction of the voice. 

The beauty of Yoga Nidra is that we are giving ourselves permission to be open and vulnerable.

This way, letting go happens naturally and spontaneously. We are ready to begin the process of healing. And allow the true nature of our being to shine!



Allison Rietta