Mentor, guide and confidante.


I choose to live my life with presence.

Supportive of others, infused with the strength of love. I seek to build a community that is steeped in love and healing. Joyous, grounding, full of connection. I want to inspire and share with others. To awaken the spirit within each of us.

This is the heart of everything I do.

My practice is rooted in the holistic traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda. I have had a deep connection to Yoga since I first started practising 20 years ago. For me, yoga is a way of living and being. It is part of my daily practice and guides me in my journey to grow as a human and spiritual being every single day.

Approaching everything I do with curiosity, wonder and joy.

It is through experience that we learn and grow—a belief that I am keen to share. I create a supportive and loving atmosphere where the focus is on healing and restoring the mind, body and soul. Each class is intentionally intimate in size, with a slow, relaxed pace and a focus on breathing. Steeped in yoga’s ethical practices. Infused with intention-setting, lunar cycles, sound and meditation.

Allison Rietta