Let Go

I love these prints so very much. The one with the woman at the end of the diving board really spoke to me. On impulse I ordered it right away. My first purchase made via Instagram. The woman is standing right at the end of the diving board. Is she debating whether to jump or not? Is she afraid of heights? Is she afraid of what will happen when she lands into the water? Is she afraid of LETTING GO? I am constantly afraid of letting go, in my life. Letting go means letting go of control. Letting the universe do what it wants, and having the belief that everything will turn out okay. There is a certain freedom to LETTING GO. It takes real courage to LET GO. There is a great book by Tara Brach, called Radical Acceptance, where she talks about letting go. Sometimes, the reason we don't let go is because of habit, or habit-thinking. We are always so used to telling ourselves the same story as to why we can or why we can't do something. 

Agathe Sorlet



Allison RiettaComment